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The Newberry Consortium

The University of Missouri-Columbia is pleased to be part of the Newberry library’s consortium for medieval and renaissance Studies. Being part of this consortium offers students and faculty alike the possibility to do research in pre-modern holdings at the Newberry library; our membership also offers the possibility of travel grants to participate in the Center’s lecture series, graduate seminars, summer institutes, fellowship competitions, and weekend research seminars, all focused on medieval and Renaissance topics.

Founded in 1979 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies serves scholars through the use of the library’s internationally-renowned collections in the late medieval, Renaissance, andearly modern periods in Europe and the Americas.

The Center is organized as an international consortium of 49 universities that contribute to its administration and oversee planning of programs through a representative council. Faculty and graduate students from consortium institutions may be eligible to apply for Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grants to travel to the Newberry to attend programs or do research. The center also maintains a list of important resources in the study of Paleography. Learn more about upcoming Programs.

Visiting the Newberry & Doing Research

Faculty and graduate students may apply for travel funding to attend one of the Newberry's lecture series, participate in an educational seminar series, or enroll in one of the many medieval and Renaissance-themed graduate student classes or faculty summer seminars once a year. Mizzou faculty and students seeking reimbursement should contact Professor Emma Lipton, the Chair of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies ( with a detailed request including: scholarly justification for travel, budget, and expected timeframe of the visit. The University of Missouri-wide campus committee will make a decision on the funding application and successful applicants will fill out a travel reimbursement form, available at the Newberry's Center for Renaissance Studies, 4th floor, or online here.

In addition to visiting the Center's website,, scholars may consult the online catalog or contact a reference librarian directly ( to obtain more detailed information about the Newberry's holdings pertinent to their research.

Newberry Highlights & News of Interest to Mizzou