Art History and Archaeology



  • William Kerwin
    Renaissance English literature, Shakespeare
  • Johanna Kramer
    Old English, Anglo-Saxon religious literature
  • Emma Lipton
    Middle English literature, women's studies
  • Lee Manion
    Middle English literature; political and religious thought; sovereignty and crusading literature
  • Anne Myers
    Renaissance English literature, especially 17th century
  • David Read
    Renaissance English literature
  • John R. Roberts, emeritus
    English, 17th-century poetry and prose, the metaphysical poets, Milton, bibliography



Religious Studies

  • Carrie Duncan
    Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • Rabia Gregory
    Women's religious literature from Germany and the Low Countries
  • Nathan Hofer
    "Mysticism" in medieval Islam and Judaism
  • Jill Raitt, emerita
    Theology, spirituality, the Western church Romance Languages and Literatures

Romance Languages and Literatures

  • Ben L. Honeycutt, emeritus
    Medieval French literature and philology, narrative of the fabliaux and lai
  • Megan Moore
    Medieval French literature and gender studies
  • Mary Jo Muratore
    Baroque and 17th-century French literature
  • Charles Presberg
    Renaissance Spanish literature
  • John Zemke
    Medieval Spanish and Judeo-Spanish literature


Women's and Gender Studies