Spring 2018

Art History and Archaeology

7510 Byzantine Art and Archaeology
Rautman, TTh 2 – 3:15, Swallow 110

The course explores the people and material culture of the east Mediterranean during the early Middle Ages. Constantinople's foundation in the 4th century marked a turning point for the Roman empire, which adapted and survived through unsettled times until the 15th century and whose cultural legacy continues today. The course looks at major monuments and current issues by critically reviewing recent approaches to Byzantine art and society and their wider relevance to medieval and early modern studies.

7640 Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Yonan, TTh 11 – 12:15, Swallow 110

This course explores European architecture from Michelangelo to rococo Paris, with discussion of St. Peter’s in Rome, and Versailles

8420 Seminar in Roman Art and Archaeology
Mogetta, F 10 – 12, Swallow 110

This seminar explores fundamental themes in archaeology and history of the Roman Mediterranean through comparative, diachronic, inter-disciplinary perspectives. See attached flyer for more information.

Religious Studies

8005 Medieval Christianities
Gregory, T 2-4:30, A&S 312A

This course considers Christianity between 400 and 1550 as a global religion. Students will learn about the variety of Christianities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and consider important methodological studies in the history of Christianity. We shall also examine questions of periodization, including where the dividing line between “late antique” and “medieval” may be placed, and when “medieval” Christianity ends. Students will read and consider primary source readings in translation alongside academic monographs and journal articles.