Graduate Program

Dissertations & Theses

MA Theses

  • Jessica Anders (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2016)
    Walk this Way: a Contextualization of the Dance of Death in New York, PML MS M. 359
  • Douglass Butler (History, MA, 2016)
    Non-Thesis Degree
  • Fr. Pachomius Meade (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2016)
    The Depiction of Smell in Fifteenth-Century Netherlandish Painting as Cultural Sense Memory and Odor-Cued Prayer Context
  • Rebecca Ruppar (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2016)
    The Painted Panel Crucifixes of the Early Franciscans
  • Joseph Genens (History, MA, 2015)
    From Norwegian Invasion to Anglo-Saxon Rebellion: Forging Memories of Conquest England, c. 1066-1235
  • Heather Smith (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2015)
    The Lives of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in French Stained Glass
  • Gretchen Stricker (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2015)
    A Climatological and Contextual Analysis of Roman Water Technologies In Cyprus
  • Svyatoslav Puyat (History, MA, 2015)
    Late Medieval Perception of Abnormal Behavior
  • Hannah Witt (History, MA, 2015)
    Non-Thesis Degree
  • Antone Pierucci (Art History and Archaeology, MA, 2014)
    Death in Roman Marche, Italy: A Comparative Study of Burial Rituals
  • Elise Broaddus (English, MA, 2014)
    Return to Sender: Epistolarity in Chaucer's Legend of Good Women
  • Julie Ayers (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2012)
    The Torn Page: Fashioning Identity through Venetian Incunabular Ornament
  • Campbell Garland (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2012)
    A Cypriot Hodegetria: Liturgical Sculpture and Marian Iconography
  • Kristen Harris (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2012)
    Food and Feasts: the Use of Space in Sixteenth-Century Ancillary Paintings
  • Misty Mullin (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2012)
    The Practice of Piety and Virtual Pilgrimage at St. Katherine’s Convent in Augsburg
  • Kim Nochi (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2012)
    Ediciones Vigía Books in Art and Cultural History
  • Diamante Waters (Religious Studies, MA, 2012)
    Inequality in the Rhetoric of Buddhist/Kami Relations
  • Elizabeth Glueck (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2011)
    The Oldest Past-Time: Looking at Medieval Sexuality through the Illuminations of the Tickhill Psalter
  • Alexis Miller (History, MA, 2011)
    The Making of a Frontier Society: Northeastern Wales between the Norman and Edwardian Conquests
  • Andrew Stelling (Religious Studies, MA, 2011)
    We Shall See God Face to Face: Crossroads in Augustine’s Journey of the Soul
  • Daniel J. Menold (History, MA, 2010)
    An Unintended Order: The Centrality of Character and Circumstance in the Twelfth-Century Gilbertine Communities
  • Katherine E. Sheffield (History, MA, 2010)
    ‘The Kingdom of the English is of God’: The Effects of the Norman Conquest on the Cult of the Saints in England
  • Autumn Dolan (History, MA, 2009)
    We Have Chosen A Few Things From Among Many: The Adaptations and Suitability Of Nuns' Rules In Merovingian Gaul
  • Douglas Underwood (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2009)
    Writing on the Walls: Late Third Century Urban Defenses in South Languedoc
  • Rebecca Richardson Mouser (English, MA, 2008)
    ‘A Silent Savior’: The Inapproachability of Christ in The Dream of the Rood
  • Derek Updegraff (English, MA, 2008)
    ‘Fore ðære mærðe mod astige’: Two New Perspectives on the Old English Gifts of Men
  • Nina K. Verbanaz (History, MA, 2008)
    Portrayals of Women in Violent Situations in Texts of the High Middle Ages
  • Mark Hammond (Art History & Archaeology, MA, 2007)
    Road Work Ahead: The Transformation of the Colonnaded Street in Sixth and early Seventh Century Palestine and Arabia
  • Rebecca L. Swaters (History, MA, 2007)
    Exchange And Settlement Patterns as Evidence for Social Stratification and Developing Complexity in Prehistoric and Early Christian Ireland


  • Katherine E. Sheffield (History, PhD, 2016)
    Longing in Vain to Climb into the Ducal Bed: Gossip and Rumor in Orderic Vitalis’ Ecclesiastical History
  • Patrick Lane (English, PhD, 2016)
    Medieval Death Trip
  • Chad Denton (History, PhD, 2015)
    The Enlightened and Depraved: Decadence, Radicalism, and the Early Modern French Nobility
  • Autumn Dolan (History, PhD, 2015)
    ‘Once Mistress of the World’: Rome, St. Peter and Female Devotion In the Early Middle Ages
  • Mark Hammond (Art History and Archaeology, PhD, 2015)
    Late Roman Ceramics from the Panayia Field, Corinth (late 4th-7th century)
  • Nina Verbanaz (History, PhD, 2014)
    Per dilectam coniugem et regnorum consortem’: Empresses’ Roles in Building the Salian Dynasty, 1024-1125
  • Rebecca Richardson Mouser (English, medieval, PhD, 2013)
    Oral Tradition, Anglo-Saxon Heroic Poetry and the Fourteenth Century: ‘Reading’ the Oral in the Alliterative Morte D’arthur and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Derek Updegraff (English, medieval, PhD, 2013)
    Style and Structure, Politics and Preaching: The Lives of Saints and other Alliterative Works by Ælfric of Eynsham
  • Megan Woosley (English, PhD, 2013)
    Yeoman Justice: The Robin Hood Ballads and the Appropriation of Aristocratic and Clerical Justice
  • Anthony Butler (Romance Studies, PhD, 2012)
    The Poetics of Heroism in Saint John of the Cross (working title)
  • Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez (History, PhD, 2012)
    The Education of Noble Girls in Medieval France: Vincent of Beauvais and De eruditione filiorum nobelium
  • Peter Ramey (English, PhD, 2012)
    The Poetics of the Medium Aesthetic Forms and Technologies of the Word in the English Middle Ages
  • Mark A. Singer (History, PhD, 2012)
    Abiding in the Fields: Pastoral Care and Society in Late Antiquity and in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Sharon Emmerichs (English, PhD, 2011)
    The Twice-Gated Garden: Shakespeare and the Landscape of England
  • Russell Goodrich (History, PhD, 2010)
    Scandinavians and Settlement in the Eastern Irish Sea Region during the Viking Age
  • María Taub (Romance Studies, PhD, 2010)
    Etica y estética: El Arauco domado de Lope de Vega (Ethics and Aesthetics: The Taming of the Araucans by Lope de Vega)
  • Tiffany A. Ziegler (History, PhD, 2010)
    I Was Sick And You Visited Me: The Hospital of St John in Brussels and its Patrons
  • Ethan Gannaway (Art History & Archaeology, PhD, 2009)
    Praesentia et potentia in the Cubiculum Leonis in the Catacomb of Commodilla, Rome
  • Damon Kraft (English, PhD, 2009)
    Merchants in Late Medieval Mirrors for Princes