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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Doctoral Graduate Minor

Considering a graduate MARS minor? While most students still choose to study in a traditional disciplinary framework, a MARS minor allows students to expand the breadth of their studies and research by taking coursework in over 11 different departments on campus. So much of the research on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is interdisciplinary in nature, and the MARS minor helps students gain expertise in areas outside of their home discipline while simultaneously offering a quick and comprehensive way for prospective employers to understand their specialization and background.

Requirements: Courses that may be applied toward this minor are taught by faculty members from the departments of Art History and Archaeology, Classical Studies, English, Germanic and Russian Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Romance Languages and Literatures. Under certain circumstances, a minor in Medieval or Renaissance studies may also be arranged for MA programs. A student must be accepted for advisement by the major department. Then, in consultation with the major advisor, an interdisciplinary curriculum for the minor is prepared and submitted to the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Committee for approval.

  • A doctoral candidate in a department offering a PhD may elect a minor concentration in interdisciplinary Medieval or Renaissance Studies by taking at least three appropriate courses outside the home department. Thus, one earns, for example, a PhD in Art History and Archaeology with specialization in Medieval Studies, or a PhD in History with specialization in Renaissance Studies.
  • Students should also make use of relevant opportunities and resources offered within their home departments.
  • At least nine (9) hours in relevant 7000- or 8000-level courses outside the major department are required to constitute the minor.
  • Because the program places considerable emphasis on foreign languages, all doctoral candidates in MARS fields must study at least two languages.


  • The Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies consortium. Click here for more information.
  • MU Graduate Association for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Email for more information)
  • Medieval reading group (Email for more information)
  • Renaissance reading group (Email for more information)
  • Old English reading group with weekly meetings (Email for more information) 
  • A listserv announcing campus-related activities for MARS members (click here for instructions on how to join)

Get in Touch With Us: Please contact the Chair of MARS, Dr. Megan Moore (French, with any questions.

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